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The wisdom of children after a visit to Downham Market Foodbank

On Tuesday 18th October members of our Denver School Council travelled to the Downham Market Foodbank to find out more about what they do to support the community and to take the generous donations made during their Harvest collection. School Council members Kayla and Chloe wrote this lovely report about their visit...

“The food bank was incredible! It showed us just how many people are suffering and how much the food bank relies on our donations. All the staff (who are volunteers) were very welcoming. If you look worried, they give you tea or coffee and a biscuit. Also, they will talk to you about your problems.

It isn’t just food for people that they provide, they also provide cat food, dog food, toiletries and even clothing in case you need to attend an important event (such as a job interview). This is because if you are unable to feed yourself, you are also unable to feed your other family members, including your pets.

When someone donates a tin or other product, it is weighed, and the date is checked. This is displayed clearly on the top so it is easier to see and is not wasted. There are items on the front desk that are out of date, that they leave out so everyone has a choice if they want to take it or not as they don’t want people to become ill. Once the items have been dated, they are then sorted into categories: toothpaste, sauces, animal foods and more.

My favourite part (Kayla) is that they have a reverse advent calendar! Instead of receiving chocolate or an object, you donate that to the food bank instead. It is a really creative idea. You can donate as much or as little as you can manage. Everything counts and is valued.

It really was an incredible experience and we learnt a lot from visiting. They help anyone in need which is so kind. Please remember to spare something whenever you can."

What a privilege to hear the thoughts of children about the workings of the food bank. Go to our Giving page for more information.

Downham Market Foodbank

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