Welcome to St. Mary's Bexwell

Part of the Ouse Valley Benefice

A place where people come together to celebrate life, friendship, community, the arts and our faith.

Bexwell Church is a place of peace and Christian witness in the ancient rural setting of West Norfolk. We rejoice in our community, and seek to develop a new way to use our building and build our community. 

Meeting in a place where people have gathered together since the 10th Century is quite profound

Our church building is not a segregated ‘religious space’, it is a place where God is honoured in so many different ways, and where people come together to celebrate life, friendship and our faith.

During a service it is a place of worship.

​During food events it is a place of fellowship.

​During other socials it is a place to foster friendships.

Our church is more than the building, it exists where we gather together, whether online via zoom or over a pint in our local hostelry.

During the Covid Pandemic we discovered a whole new approach to worship and community by using the technology that is easy to access. This has changed our approach to church and given us new inspiration. We currently have two services a month in church:  one is a communion and the other is an evening prayer; we also hold two services a month online. Our largest gathering is online and is a vital, energetic, loving and caring experience. We are currently exploring the technological issues of holding a hybrid service once a month where our online and in-building community can come together.

Our church activity is not just worship-based but is very much about exploring all aspects of being human.

We've held art galleries, soup evenings, feasts, talks and much more. Here's a video of two of the installations that are part of our recent art exhibition 'Levitation for Beginners'.